Ron Weiser and Michigan Families: Teaming up for a better future



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Welcome to my website!

I am running for University of Michigan Regent because I have the experience, dedication, and commitment to make sure Michigan continues to be one of the finest universities in the world!

I’m a lifelong Michigan man. Years ago, when I was a student at the University of Michigan, I founded my own small business in Ann Arbor. Through my commitment to the free market and fair competition – and a lot of hard work – I grew my business to create hundreds of jobs in the Ann Arbor area. I also earned my business degree from Michigan. My family and I have remained in Ann Arbor, and we’re proud to say that we are lifelong supporters of the University.

I’m also proud to have served my country as a dedicated citizen-servant. Shortly after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, President George W. Bush appointed me as the United States Ambassador to Slovakia. At the time, Slovakia was a country transitioning from communism to democracy. As Ambassador, I helped Slovakia remain free and democratic by encouraging free markets, less regulation, and fiscal responsibility.

When I came back from Slovakia, I wanted to give back more to the University of Michigan. That’s why my wife Eileen and I have founded two educational institutes at the University: the Center for Emerging Democracies and the Center for Europe and Eurasia. These schools help students and faculty study how democracies are born, and assist countries that are struggling to achieve freedom.

Most of you know me because the grassroots Republicans elected me as Michigan Republican Party Chair in 2009, when we had our largest election sweep since the 1930s. In 2011, I served our Party as the Republican National Committee’s National Finance Chairman, and I dedicated my every day to defeating Barack Obama’s liberal agenda and returning a Republican to the White House. In 2012, I fought hard against the Unions and their power grab by working to defeat Prop 2 and helping to pass Freedom to Work here in Michigan. Working together with grassroots activists from across the state, we were able to win a historic victory and make a stand for the taxpayers of Michigan.

By visiting my website, I know you’re interested in this campaign for Regent. When I’m elected, I promise to use my business experience to straighten U of M’s books and reduce the burden on the taxpayers of Michigan. I’ll also work to cut costs so students who can’t afford to go to school in Ann Arbor can get the same quality education at U of M in Flint or Dearborn. And I’ll make sure that the laws passed by the people are respected by the University!

That’s why I’m asking for your support in my campaign for Regent of the University of Michigan. No other candidate for Regent can match my business experience or my support for the University. I hope you’ll join my campaign today!